Jack and the Beanstalk (Archive)

A Pantomime

January 1996

The classic fairy tale of a boy, some beans, an evil giant and a goose that lays golden eggs…


The Fairy Sarah Lawes
The Giant Paul McClean
Floggit Barry West
Villagers Tom Hunt, Jessia, Kate & Hattie McClean
Daisy the Cow Chris Ward and Graham Kerr
Dame Lavender Water Mike Calvert
C.D. Ruth Staton
Jack Nicky Townsend
Jill Katy Courage
King John Staton
Vile Venom Iain MacPherson
Dee Cathlon Chris Squire
Jim Nasium Bob Carter
Hen Joseph Hughes
Harp Jessica McClean
Girl Guides Jessica & Kate McClean


Producers Hazel Galvin & Pauline Townsend
Co-producer Jenny Blake
Stage Manager Paul McClean
Lighting Ian Squire
Set Construction Jim Melville, Christopher Sutton, Christine Sutton, Ian Squire, Jo Wylderidge, Janet MacNeil, Joseph Hughes, Barry West
Sound Chris Lawes & Paul West
Set Design Ian Squire & Jim Melville
Props Jim Melville, Pauline Townsend, Christine Sutton
Prompt Brenda West
Choreography Jenny Blake
Original Lyrics & Music Katy Courage
Original Didgeridoo Music Composed & Played by Danny Pesce
Piano Jenny Smith
Costume Jenny Blake
Animal Costumes Harlequin, Warwick
House Managers Margaret and Nigel Roach
Refreshments Cath Staton
Tickets Ken Beer
Publicity Mike Calvert