Little Red Riding Hood (Archive)


January 2015

Goody Granny has something that Vermillion the Vile wants, and she wants it very badly. The only problem is, she doesn’t know where Granny is or even if she still has the magical Little Red Riding Hood.

The red cloak has the power Vemillion craves but how can she get it when she has two gormless Goblins to help her and two interfering Elves to hinder her? By calling up some slavering, huffing, puffing help in the form of a Big Bad Wolf of course.

But Wolfie Sly-Boots has other ideas and isn’t quite the obedient pup she thought he would be. He’s also extremely hungry.

Someone needs to put a stop to Vermillion before she gets her hands on the cloak – and preferably without being eaten by a hungry wolf. Can Lil, Granny’s granddaughter, stop her? Will her friend, the dog-fearing Romeo, be of any help? It seems Granny’s cottage is suddenly the most desirable property on the market and everybody is headed there – but who’ll get there first?


Granny (a Good Fairy) Chris Squire
Aqua (an Elf) Bronwyn Hawkins
Zephyr (an Elf) Kate West
Fire (a Goblin) Sam O’Hagan
Brimstone (a Goblin) Lewis Papworth
Vermillion the Vile Teresa Coles McGee
Romeo (a Poet) Gary Stokes
Dame Beatrice Daye Janice Wingrove
Jerry Myer (a Soothsayer) Alex Hawkins
Lil (Granny’s Granddaughter) Pauline Highley
Wolfie Sly-Boots (A WOLF) Andrew Kneeshaw

The Three Little Pigs

Rasher Kathy Deeth
Smokey Ella West
Streaky Rebecca Warner

Villagers Charlie Hawkins, Chris Squire, Ella West, Rebecca Warner, Kathy Deeth


Producer Cath Staton
Assistant Producer Tim Hurrell
Stage Manager Jill Bingham
Prompt Brenda West
Mrs Piano Lady Jenny Smith
Lighting Ian Squire, Ashley Hogg
Sound Alex Morrison
Set Design Jim Melville, Christoper Sutton
Set Construction Jim Melville, Christopher Sutton, Joseph Hughes, Christine Sutton, Chris Pearson and members of the Cubbington Players
Props Christine Sutton
Costume Brenda West, Janet Cooper, Nicola Brooks
Make-up Cast and members of the group
Front of House/Kitchen John Staton with members and friends of Cubbington Players
Publicity/Tickets Chris Pearson, Christine Sutton/Roy Sager
Poster & Publicity Design Teresa Coles McGee