Murder by Misadventure (Archive)

by Edward Taylor

May 1997

Despite their success as TV thriller writers, Harold Kent has become dissatisfied with Paul Riggs, his writing partner, and want to dissolve their association; Riggs, however, knows that he would not survive as a writer without Harold and threatens to blackmail him if the partnership is ended. In order to escape this impasse, Harold conspires with his wife, Emma, to kill Riggs, using a plot from a projected script, Murder by Misadventure, as his inspiration. The plan goes smoothly…or does it? Complications ensue, not least when the Kents are visited by the persistent and perceptive Inspector Egan, and the plotters are in for some nasty surprises…


Emma Kent Pauline Townsend
Harold Kent Mark Frampton
Paul Riggs Graham Kerr
Inspector Egan Mike Crawshaw


Producers Jill Mowlam/Iain MacPherson
Stage Manager Christine Sutton
Set Design Christopher Sutton
Set Construction Backstage team
Lighting Ian Squire
Sound Chris Lawes/Craig Eady
Props Chris Squire/Katy Courage
Prompt Hazel Galvin
Poster Design George Muller
Ticket Sales Ken Beer
Publicity Joseph Hughes
Front of House Joseph Hughes
Kitchen Adam Ahmad/Chris Ward