Pastiche (Archive)

A5 Pastiche.indd

by Nick Hall

May 2016

Lord Peter, after many years of faithful marriage, has fallen for a young showgirl, whom he invites back for supper whilst his wife is away for the weekend. But it happens to be their wedding anniversary, and she arrives back unexpectedly, without his knowledge. She and the newly promoted butler wonder how they can upset his plans. What follows is a comedy worthy of Noel Coward.


Medford Rachel Williams
Lady Alexandra Tanford Cath Staton
Lord Peter Tanford Barry West
Viola Vionysse Jo Witty


Directors Charlotte Mayfield and Ammie Hill
Props Jill Bingham, Sam O’Hagan
Costume Brenda West
Lighting Ian Squire
Prompt Sam Kneeshaw
Sound Kathy Deeth
Assisted by members of Cubbington Players