Rumpelstiltskin (Archive)

January 2017

Max the Woodcutter and Daisy the Miller’s daughter are always arguing about which one of them is best at almost everything.  But Daisy’s boasting goes too far and she has to enlist the help of GG – the Gorgeous Goblin who has taken over Trumptown.  But just how ‘gorgeous’ is GG, and is his henchman Rotten Rupert really rotten?  And what of the cruel King Casper? Will he really have Daisy executed if she doesn’t spin straw into the gold he loves?  And what is the awful secret he is hiding?

Can Max, a Fairy Godmother, the Woodland Elves, Lonely the little gnome and their other friends help thwart the Goblin King and his goblins.  And most importantly will Daisy guess the Gorgeous Goblin’s real name and so save the day.  You want to know what happens?  Oh yes you do! So come along to the warm welcome you’ll find at Cubbington Players panto, Rumpelstiltskin, on Broadway, Cubbington, cheer the goodies, boo the baddies and have a great time with your family and friends.


Gruesome Goblin (Rumpelstiltskin) Teresa Coles McGee
Rotten Rupert (Gruesome Goblin’s assistant) Jo Whitty
Dame Lori Elle (Campaigner for the environment) Janice Wingrove
Marlene (Dame Lori’s helper) Kathy Deeth
Ivor Trowel (a palace guard) Rachael Williams
Arfur Brick (a palace guard) Ella West
Pete Bogg (the palace gardener) Sam O’Hagan
King Casper the Cruel (King of Trumptown) Charles L’Anson
Daisy (the Miller’s daughter) Jasmine Gillett
Max’s stepmother (really his Fairy Godmother) Denise Renfrew
Max (the woodcutter) Barnaby Smith
Goblin King (King of Goblin Land) Barry West
Lurkin (a Goblin guard) David Jones
Gurkin (a Goblin guard) Chris Austin
Minstrel (Goblin King’s minstrel) Oliver Smith
Eve (the Elven Queen) Sam Kneeshaw
Echo (an elf) Bronwyn Hawkins
Raine (an elf) Kate West
Lonely (a little gnome) Charlie Hawkins


Producers Cath Staton/Chris Squire
Assistant Producers Ammie Hill/Sam Kneeshaw
Set design Jim Melville
Set construction Andrew Kneeshaw/Jim Melville/Christine Sutton/Christoper Sutton/Ian Squire/Jill Bingham/Joseph Hughes/Dan Hawkins
Set painting Christoper Sutton
Keyboard Jenny Smith
Lighting design Ian Squire
Lighting Andrew Kneeshaw/Ashley Hogg/Ian Squire/Kathy Deeth
Sound Chris Pearson
Props Jill Bingham/Kathy Deeth/Ammie Hill
Costumes Brenda West/Janet Cooper/Nicola Brooks/Kathy Deeth/Sheila & Roy Sager/Jo Coles West/Sam Kneeshaw
Make-up Cast and members
Front of House Manager Ruth Hawkins
FOH/Kitchen Members and friends of Cubbington Players
Programme/Poster/Ticket Design Teresa Coles McGee
Publicity Barnaby Smith/Sam Kneeshaw/Chris Pearson/Kathy Deeth
Tickets Chris Pearson/Christine Sutton
Ticket Outlets Wine Box and Only Food and Sauces