Sinbad the Sailor (Archive)

January 1986


Cabin Boy Tom Mowlem
Villagers/Dancers Sarah Lawes, Ruth West, Lisa O’Hagan, Matthew Lawes, Kevin O’Hagan, Richard Squire
Coca Chris Squire
Cola Anne Harding
Princess Yasmin Joan Hall
Genie Chris Crisswell
Caliph Paul Morcam
Ali Doolally Chris Ward
Dame Semolina Saucepot Mike Calvert
Sinbad the Sailor Jill Mowlem
Sinistro the Sorcerer Barry West
Mustapha Bath Peter Staton
Old Man of the Sea Ben Staton
Monster Matthew Lawes/Richard Staton


Producers Brenda West and Chris Lawes
Piano Jenny Smith
Percussion Felga Lovell
Stage Manager David Allison
Lighting Ian Squire
Front of House Tony O’Hagan
Properties Sue Howe, Simon Beasley
Prompt Hazel Galvin
Sound Chris Lawes
Costumes Chris Spooner
Hats Kathleen Allen
Choreography Madeline Walley
Design & Set Construction Mike Calvert, Robin Groves, Ian Squire, Simon Beasley, David Allison, Chris Sutton, Nigel Roach, Jack Clare, Christine Sutton