Sleeping Beauty (Archive)

January 2019

When wicked fairy Ammonia gets left off the guest list for Princess Aurora’s christening, she is fuming and in retaliation places a deadly curse on the infant princess. The Fairy Queen is unable to break the spell and can only make it less powerful. Thus, Aurora and all the people of the Royal Palace of Sylvania must fall asleep for one hundred years, only to waken when Aurora receives a kiss of true love. Can an inventive Professor, a Dame and a robot (yes, I said a robot!) get through the forest to help make this happen? Or will Ammonia and the nasty troll Toady stop them before they get there?


King of Sylvania Barry West
Queen of Sylvania Chris Squire
Aurora, Princess of Sylvania Jasmine Gillett
Chancellor Cath Staton
Professor Angus Beef – Court Inventor Ian Warrener
Dame Clothidle Stitch – Court Seamstress Janice Wingrove
T42 – A robot Lesley Cashmore
Ammonia – A Wicked Fairy Rebecca Warner
Toady – A Troll Adam Middleton
Edmund – Crown Prince of Flatbrokia Jayde Richards
Page Chris Austin
Maid Charlotte Ezme Craig
Fairy Queen Kal Middleton
Flutter – A Good Fairy Beth Martin
Tiptoe – A Good Fairy Jessica Martin
Merry – A Good Fairy Ezme Craig
Trainee Good Fairy Lacey Craig
Ghost Kathy Deeth
Gnomes Lisa O’Hagan, Abi Martin, Taran Middleton and Harjeevan Middleton
Gasmen Tony O’Hagan and David Jones


Producers Jasmine Gillett and Sam O’Hagan
Stage Manager Teresa Coles McGee
Prompt Christine Sutton
Lighting Ian Squire
Sound Alan Beddow
Mrs Piano Lady Jenny Smith
Properties Kathy Deeth and Ollie Smith
Set Design Teresa Coles McGee
Set Construction Jim Melville, Christine Sutton, Christopher Sutton,
Ian Squire, Tony O’Hagan, Abbie Croker
Kathy Deeth, Alan Beddow and other Cast Members
Costume Janet Cooper, Sheila Sagar, Nicola Brooks,
Ann O’Hagan and Brenda West
Make-up Cast and members of the group
Front of House/Kitchen Members and friends of Cubbington Players
Publicity/Tickets Chris Pearson/Christine Sutton
Programme/Posters Teresa Coles McGee