Sleeping Beauty (Archive)

January 1990


Chancellor Kate Innocent
Queen Hazel Galvin
King Alan Hawkrigg
Dame Clothilde Stitch Barry West
Professor Angus Tripe Peter Townsend
T42 Jill Mowlam
Gasman Peter O’Neill
Page/Ghost Charles Mowlam
Tulip Sara Smith
Merry Emma Harris
Flutter Fiona Calvert
Toady the Troll Mike Calvert
Ammonia Chris Ward
Fairy Queen Pauline Townsend
Prince Edmund of Flatbrokia Hazel Freeman


Producers Brenda West, Chris Squire
Stage Manager John Sharp
Lighting Ian Squire
Sound Chris Lawes
Set Design Tony Radcliffe
Props Jim Melville
Prompt Vicky Randle
Front of House Nigel & Margaret Roach
Set Construction Simon Beasley, Jack Clare, Jim Melville, Nigel Roach, John Sharp, Ian Squire, Christine Sutton, Christopher Sutton
Organ Jenny Smith
Costume Chris Spooner