Suddenly at Home (Archive)

by Francis Durbridge

October 1983

Suddenly at Home is a thriller for four men and four women. When Glenn Howard decided to get rid of his wealthy wife, firstly to enjoy her money, secondly to avoid spending the rest of his life in Bermuda, and thirdly to free himself for another woman, he worked out a complicated but seemingly foolproof plan which would not only keep him in the clear but involve his wife’s former lover, detective-story writer Sam Blaine. The plan depends on the co-operation of another person, Sheila Wallis, an attractive woman to whom Glenn is apparently devoted, and all appears to be going well for Glenn until the unexpected arrival of the formidable Remick.


Maggie Howard Chris Squire
Helen Tenby Wendy Blackett
Ruth Bechler Joan Hall
Sam Blaine Barry West
Sheila Wallis Sue Howe
Glenn Howard Martin Green
Appleton Peter Sharpe
Remick Chris Rogers


Producer Chris Ward
Assistant Producer Frieda Scott
Stage Manager Ian Squire
Set Design Mick Calvert
Set Construction Ian Squire, Nigel Roach, Julian Blake, Mick Calvert, Christine & Chris Sutton
Lighting Tony O’Hagan
Sound Chris Lawes
Prompt Hazel Galvin
Props Cath Allan and Mary Brocklehurst
Tickets Joy Trinder & Sue Guerra
Front of House Joy & Tom Trinder