The Crucible (Archive)

by Arthur Miller

October 1979

The play is set in the Puritan community of Salem, Massachusetts in the spring of the year 1692, only 70 years after the Pilgrim Fathers left Plymouth to seek religious freedom in America. No threat to this new found freedom could be tolerated and the fear of a “witch” in the community was just such a threat. But when innocent children cry “witch” they must be believed – mustn’t they? And what better way to settle old scores than to cry “witch” on one’s neighbour?

The people portrayed in “The Crucible” actually existed, their story is a true one and their separate fates no less authentic.


Rev. Samuel Parris Colin Colgan
Thomas Putnam Peter Staton
John Proctor John Staton
Giles Corey Barry West
Rev. John Hale Tom Atkinson
Francis Nurse Michael Willcox
Ezekiel Cheever Tony O’Hagan
Judge Hathorne Earle King
Dep. Gov. Danforth Martin Green
Marshall Herrick Bernard Abbott

Betty Parris Amanda Green
Tituba Kathleen Allen
Abigail Williams Sally Atkinson
Susanna Walcott Maggie Moore
Mrs. Ann Putnam Dorothy Colgan
Mercy Lewis Jackie King
Mary Warren Chris Ward
Rebecca Nurse Mollie Curzon
Mrs. Elizabeth Proctor Bobbie Harris
Sarah Good Hazel Galvin


Producer Cath Staton
Stage Manager Ian Squire
Backstage Mike Crisswell, Don Sykes
Sound Chris Lawes
Properties Chris Squire
Prompt Frieda Scott