The Day The Music Died (Archive)

TDTMD_Poster_Final.inddOctober 2011

The year is 1956 and you are here at a gala to celebrate the official reopening of the Grand Hotel after last year’s devastating fire. You’ll meet a rock ‘n’ roll star, a war hero, a famous actress, and others at this dinner event. But what dark secrets do these people hide? What jealousies and indiscretions lie behind those friendly faces? And could one of them be… a murderer?

As the evening unfolds, you’ll need your wits about you to work out who may be telling lies, and who may be not all they seem.

You’ll get chance to ask questions but listen carefully to the answers and work out whether it’s the truth or something more sinister – then decide for yourself who may be capable of carrying out the most deadliest of crimes.

Enjoy the evening – and good luck!


Phil Haley  All nights Damian Amead
Eddie Boy Thursday
Dan Hawkins
Paul West
Bobbi Sox Thursday
Fay Staton
Sam Kneeshaw
Ruth Hawkins
Brandon Marlowe Thursday/Saturday
Barry West
Roy Sager
Dean James Thursday
Andrew Kneeshaw
James Suther
Pete Staton
Diana Dawes Thursday
Janet Denning
Hazel Blenkinsop
Teresa Coles McGee
Inspector Thursday/Saturday
Mark Frampton
Dan Hawkins


Producers Dan Hawkins and Mark Frampton
Scriptwriter Mark Frampton
Catering A Bit of a Do Catering Services Ltd
Backstage Chris Sutton, Christine Sutton and Jim Melville
Front of House, Bar and Waiting Staff Members and friends of Cubbington Players
Advertising Christine Sutton
Publicity and Tickets Sam Kneeshaw, James Suther and members of Cubbington Players
Posters and Programmes Teresa Coles McGee