The Emperor’s New Clothes (Archive)

A Pantomime by Graham Kerr and Paul McClean

January 1995

Cast & Crew Gallery A pantomime based on the classic tale of the pompous Emperor and the subjects who tell him what he wants to hear…


Emperor Godfrey Gladrag Joseph Hughes
Empress Gertrude Gladrag Cath Staton
Princess Crystal Wendy Carter
Countess Cornelia Crabapple Chris Squire
Prince Valiant Iain MacPherson
Titania Threadneedle Barry West
Fido Katy Courage
Mrs Thermos/Thermolina Jenny Blake
Dropstitch Mike Calvert
Pinhead Hazel Galvin
Timothy Tentpeg Graham Kerr
Tina Tentpeg Jackie Backett
Tarquin Tentpeg Chris Ward
Horrible Hag of the Heath Brenda West
Fearsome Fiend of the Forest Ken Beer
Royal Commentator John Staton
Chancellor Kate O’Leary
Frabbits and Townsfolk Jessica McClean, Kate McClean, Tom Hunt
Cameraman Helen Newman
Courtiers Fiona Makepeace, Jenny Chrchley, Lisa Mancini


Producer Paul McClean
Co-Producer Jill Mowlam
Stage Manager Hazel Blenkinsop
Set Design Mike Calvert
Set Construction Christopher Sutton, Christine Sutton, Ian Squire, Jim Melville, Jo Wylderidge, Craig Eady
Sound Chris Lawes
Lighting Ian Squire
Props Bob Carter & Christine Sutton
Prompt Fiona Calvert
Costume Chris Spooner
House Manager Janet MacNeill
Original Music Katy Courage
Piano Jenny Smith
Publicity Mike Calvert
Tickets Ken Beer