The Herbal Bed (Archive)

by Peter Whelan

May 2002

Based on real events in the early part of the 17th century, The Herbal Bed tells of the affair between Shakespeare’s daughter, Susanna Hall and her neighbour Rafe Smith. The affair threatens the career of her husband, Dr. John Hall, as well as her own and Smith’s reputations as they try to clear their names in the church court.


Rafe Smith Dan Hawkins
Hester Fletcher Ruth West
Jack Lane Paul West
Bishop Parry Joseph Hughes
John Hall Mark Frampton
Susanna Hall Hazel Blenkinsop
Barnabus Goche Phil Kohler
Elizabeth Hall Zoe Freeman


Producer Barry West
Co-producer Christine Squire
Stage Manager Christine Sutton
Set Design Christopher Sutton
Set Construction Christine & Chris Sutton, Jim Melville, Ian Squire, Mike Crawshaw, Gordon Stokes
Lighting Ian Squire
Sound Chris Pearson
Props Jim Melville
Prompt Hazel Galvin
House Manager Mike Crawshaw
Publicity Joseph Hughes