The Rivals (Archive)

A Comedy by Richard Brinsley Sheridan

May 1991


Sir Anthony Absolute Barry West
Captain Absolute Paul McClean
Lydia Languish Hazel Blenkinsop
Mrs Malaprop Brenda West
Julia Nicky Townsend
Faulkland Mike Calvert
Acres Alan Matthews
Sir Lucius O’Trigger Joseph Hughes
Fag (manservant to Captain Absolute) Alan Quinlan
David (manservant to Acres) Ken Beer
Lucy (maid to Mrs Malaprop) Chris Squire
Thomas (coachman to Sir Anthony Absolute) Tony O’Hagan
Boy (servant to Captain Absolute) Nicky Morgan
Servant to Acres Kevin O’Hagan
Maid to Julia Kate Innocent


Producer Tony O’Hagan
Assistant Producer Pauline Townsend
Stage Manager Ian Squire
Set Design Chris Sutton
Lighting Paul Huc
Sound Chris Lawes
Props Kate Innocent
Continuity Jenny Blake
House Managers Hazel Galvin, Chris Ward
Set Construction Chris Sutton, Christine Sutton, Ian Squire, Jim Melville, Nigel Roach, Paul Huc, Simon Beasley