The Sacred Flame (Archive)

A play by W. Somerset Maugham

October 1991

In 1928 Women were given the franchise on the same basis as men, King George V was on the throne, Ramsey McDonald was Prime Minister and in the following year came the Wall Street crash. The morals on the 1920’s and 1930’s have changed without recognition to the 1990’s. With this in mind Somerset Maugham obviously constructed this play to examine the moral issues of the period woven around a death in a family. In its day this play would have shocked the public and posed many questions about honour and the family.


Maurice Tabret Graham Kerr
Doctor Harvester Paul McClean
Mrs Tabret Jenny Blake
Nurse Wayland Pauline Townsend
Alice Jacquie Backett
Major Liconda Joseph Hughes
Stella Tabret Hazel Blenkinsop
Colin Tabret Alan Matthews


Producer Mike Calvert
Assistant Producer Chris Squire
Stage Manager Christine Sutton
Set Design Mike Calvert/Chris Sutton
Lighting Paul Huc
Sound Chris Lawes
Props Alan Quinlan
Continuity Hazel Galvin
House Managers Chris Ward, Jill Mowlam
Set Construction Chris Sutton, Christine Sutton, Mike Calvert, Ian Squire, Jim Melville, Nigel Roach, Paul Huc, Simon Beasley, Fiona Calvert, Nigel Roach, Graham Kerr