Aladdin (Archive – 2018)

Aladdin Poster

Aladdin Poster

January 2018

Aladdin is tricked by Abanazer — an evil magician — who wants him to find a magic lamp. If Abanazer gets the lamp he will rule the world with wickedness. Aladdin must beat Abanazer at his own game and with the help of his his Mother Widow Twankey and his friends win the day!


Ty-Ping / Herald Lesley Cashmore
Widow Twankey Anne Marshall
Dishee-Washee Brenda West
Emperor Barry West
Aladdin Adam Middleton
Princess Lotus Blossom / Mai-Ling Kal Middleton
Hi-Pong Ollie Smith
Vellee-Smellee David Jones
Dr Rick-Shaw Alan Beddow
Abanazer Ian Warrener
Genie of the Bottle Denis Renfrew
Customers Cath Staton and Chris Austin
Dragon Monster Sam O’Hagan
Swampies Taran Middleton and Harjeevan Middleton
Genie of the Lamp Charlie Hawkins


Director Cath Staton
Assistant Director Chris Squire
Producer Alan Beddow
Stage Manager Chris Squire
Prompt Cath Staton
Set Design Teresa Coles McGee
Lighting Ian Squire
Sound Chris Pearson
Keyboard Jenny Smith
Properties Kathy Deeth
Set Construction Ian Squire, Christine Sutton, Joseph Hughes, Christopher Sutton, Jim Melville and other Cast Members
Costume Brenda West, Janet Cooper, Nicola Brooks, Sheila Sager
Make-up Cast and members of the group
Front of House/Kitchen Members and friends of Cubbington Players
Publicity/Tickets Chris Pearson/Christine Sutton
Programme/Posters Teresa Coles McGee