Past Productions

As of 29 July 2018 this page now includes all cast and crew lists that we have access to. If you have a programme for a production we’re missing, please get in contact!

Some photos, videos and reviews have yet to be copied from the old archives to this new location. These are still being copied across, so in the meantime you can still cross reference this page with the two old archives here and here.

October 2019 Temptation Thwarted
May 2019 Something to Hide
January 2019 Sleeping Beauty
October 2018 Murder Mystery
January 2018 Aladdin
May 2017 An Evening of Comedy:
Little Grimley presents Strictly Sex Factor on Ice
January 2017 Rumpelstiltskin
May 2016 Don’t Blame It On The Boots
January 2016 Beauty and the Beast
October 2015 Murder Mystery – The Horror of Fitzgibbons Hall
May 2015 The Garden Party
January 2015 Little Red Riding Hood
October 2014 Murder & Mirth (Cards, Cups & Crystal Ball and The Bear)
January 2014 Robinson Crusoe
October 2013 Farndale Macbeth
May 2013 Colder Than Here
January 2013 Dick Whittington
October 2012 Cat’s Cradle
May 2012 Over My Dead Body
January 2012 Sinbad
October 2011 Murder Mystery – The Day the Music Died
May 2011 Benefactors
January 2011 Cinderfella
October 2010 Babysitting Calvin/Keep Calm
May 2010 A Tomb With a View
January 2010 Robin Hood
October 2009 Murder Mystery – A Bad Day at the Office
May 2009 Funny Money
January 2009 Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
October 2008 Twelfth Night
January 2008 The Snow Queen
October 2007 On Monday Next
May 2007 An Evening With Gary Lineker
January 2007 Robinson Crusoe
October 2006 Much Ado About Nothing
May 2006 Gaslight
January 2006 The Prince and the Pauper
October 2005 Time of My Life
May 2005 Mystery at Greenfingers
January 2005 Ali Baba and the Four Tea Thieves
October 2004 Our Country’s Good
May 2004 The Memory of Water
January 2004 Aladdin
October 2003 Macbeth
May 2003 Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime
January 2003 The Gingerbread Man
October 2002 Look Who’s Talking
May 2002 The Herbal Bed
January 2002 Little Bo Peep and the Chimney Sweep
October 2001 The Anniversary
May 2001 Abigail’s Party
January 2001 Cinderella
October 2000 A Midsummer Night’s Dream
May 2000 Hobson’s Choice
January 2000 Dick Whittington
May 1999 Out of Focus
January 1999 Little Red Riding Hood
October 1998 An Evening of Music, Melodrama & Mayhem
May 1998 All My Sons
January 1998 Rumpelstiltskin
October 1997 When We Are Married
May 1997 Murder by Misadventure
January 1997 Babes in the Wood
October 1996 The Merry Wives of Windsor
May 1996 Relatively Speaking
January 1996 Jack and the Beanstalk
October 1995 Amadeus
May 1995 The Scottish Play
January 1995 The Emperor’s New Clothes
October 1994 Holiday Snap
May 1994 Farndale’ Murder Mystery
January 1994 Sinbad
October 1993 Cat’s Cradle
May 1993 Outside Edge
January 1993 Beauty and the Beast
October 1992 Les Femmes Savante
May 1992 Revue
January 1992 Cinderella
October 1991 The Sacred Flame
May 1991 The Rivals
January 1991 Aladdin
October 1990 Ladies in Retirement
May 1990 Music Hall
January 1990 Sleeping Beauty
October 1989 Pack of Lies
May 1989 Flying Feathers
January 1989 Dick Whittington
October 1988 Wolfsbane
May 1988 Farndale’ Macbeth
January 1988 Robinson Crusoe
October 1987 Exit the King
May 1987 Strike Happy
January 1987 Hansel and Gretel
October 1986 The Shop at Sly Corner
May 1986 There Goes the Bride
January 1986 Sinbad
October 1985 Gaslight
May 1985 No Time for Figleaves
January 1985 Jack and the Beanstalk
October 1984 The Winslow Boy
May 1984 The Blue Goose
January 1984 Cinderella
October 1983 Suddenly at Home
May 1983 Biedermann and the Fire Bugs
January 1983 Puss in Boots
October 1982 Antigone
May 1982 Absent Friends
January 1982 Aladdin
October 1981 Bonaventure
June 1981 Midsummer Miscellany
April 1981 Time and Time Again
January 1981 Sleeping Beauty
October 1980 Night Must Fall
May 1980 The Cure For Love
January 1980 Robinson Crusoe
October 1979 The Crucible
May 1979 Blithe Spirit
January 1979 Beauty and the Beast
October 1978 Murder for the Asking
May 1978 Cock a Doodle Doo
January 1978 Little Miss Muffet
October 1977 Love in a Mist
April 1977 Black Chiffon
January 1977 Little Red Riding Hood
November 1976 The Importance of Being Earnest
April 1976 The Rape of the Belt
January 1976 Puss in Boots/Cinderalfred/Magic by Bernard Abbott
November 1975 Ghost Train
May 1975 Tons of Money
November 1974 An Inspector Calls
May 1974 Goodnight Mrs Puffin
November 1973 Arsenic and Old Lace
April 1973 Busybodies
November 1972 Separate Tables
May 1972 Brush with a Body
November 1971 Friends and Neighbours
May 1971 I’ll Get My Man
April 1970 Here We Come Gathering
November 1969 The White Sheep of the Family
May 1969 Miranda

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