Beauty and the Beast (Archive)

January 1979


The Coop Family

Clara (The Dame) John Staton
Clarence Tony O’Hagan
Karen Sharen Jacky King

The Boot Family

Nellie Hazel Galvin
Rosebud (Beauty) Joan Hall
Tommy Earl King
Georgy Porgy Harriet Green
Mary Mary Maggie Moore
Bo Beep Matilda Green
Wee Willie Winkie Frances Atkinson

The Villain

Kalazar the Cruel Peter Staton

The Royal Family

The King Martin Green
The Queen Chris Squire
Nanny Kath Allen
Prince Fabian Carol Townend

The Beast Bobbie Harris
The Snow Fairy Cath Staton
Old Mother Hubbard Chris Crisswell
Snowflakes Frances Tegg, Karen O’Hagan
Sprites Matilda Green, Frances Atkinson


Producers Barry & Brenda West
Stage Manager Don Sykes
Lighting Mike Crisswell
Sound Chris Lawes
Properties Dorothy Colgan
Prompt Anne O’Hagan
Front of House Jenny Green
Piano Jenny Smith