Beauty and the Beast (Archive)


January 2016

The Dream Roses grow in the garden of Prince Sebastian, their guardian. Not only beautiful to look at, the roses have a magic power that the Demon King badly wants to stop and he’ll do anything to get his hands on just one of them. When Prince Sebastian gets in his way, the Demon King unleashes his fury and Sebastian pays the price.

With the Dream Roses momentarily unguarded, a single precious bloom goes missing – sparking events that could have dire consequences for the stricken Sebastian and the future of all good dreams. Can the rose be found in time? And by who? Or will the evil Demon King get to it first (nightmare!)?


Agatha Potts Rachel Williams
Jelly Bean Jasmine Gillet
Nana Chip Cath Staton
Prince Sebastian Barnaby Smith
Demon King Barry West
Guardian Angel Teresa Coles McGee
Alfred Charles l’Anson
Dame Dinah Might Des King
Belle Hannah Fordham
Maisy Ella West
Daisy Sam Kneeshaw
Ivor Lotadosh Simon Keatley
Robin Banks Alex Hawkins
Grunting Sam O’Hagan
Scary Clair Broad
Ariel Kate West
Astra Bronwyn Hawkins
Ghost Kathy Deeth
Charlie the Cabin Boy Charlie Hawkins


Producer Cath Staton
Assistant Producer Brenda West
Stage Manager Jill Bingham
Prompt Brenda West
Set Design Jim Melville
Lighting Ashley Hogg/Kathy Deeth/Ian Squire
Sound Andrew Kneeshaw
Keyboard Jenny Smith
Properties Christine Sutton
Set Construction Jim Melville, Christoper Sutton, Andrew Kneeshaw, Joseph Hughes, Christine Sutton, Jill Bingham, Simon Keatley
Costume Brenda West, Janet Cooper, Nicola Brooks, Carol Langford, Sheila Sager, Jo Coles West
Make-up Cast and members of the group
Front of House/Kitchen Members and friends of Cubbington Players
Publicity/Tickets Chris Pearson/Christine Sutton
Programme/Posters Teresa Coles McGee