Biedermann and the Fire Bugs (Archive)

by Max Frish

May 1983


Biedermann Peter Staton
Anna Jill Mowlam
Schmitz Barry West
Babette Sue Howe
Eisenring Mike Calvert
Policeman Chris Rogers
Widow Knechtling Jenny Blake
Doctor of Philosophy Chris Rogers
Chorus Leader Martin Green
Chorus Wendy Blackett, Joan Hall and Tim Newton


Producer Tony O’Hagan
Assistant Producer Chris Squire
Props Mary Brocklehurst
Prompt Hazel Galvin
Stage Manager Ian Squire
Set Design Chris Sutton
Sound Philip Crisswell
Lighting Mike Crisswell
House Manager Joy Trinder
Tickets and Publicity Mike Calvert, Joy Trinder and Maggie Moore

Firemen’s uniforms and equipment were generously loaned by the Warwickshire Fire Brigade