Cat’s Cradle (Archive)

Cat's Cradle Posterby Leslie Sands

October 2012

Matthew Fulton was just 6 months old when he disappeared. “Do what I say or baby dies” read the kidnap note. But to where could the baby have disappeared on a freezing winter night when the snow bound village of Waverton was cut off.

It is now twelve years later and with further evidence Inspector Frost returns to try to solve the case which has dogged him ever since and which curtailed his burgeoning police career. What he finds is a conspiracy of silence, a past shrouded in mystery and an unexpected and disturbing twist to his final case.


Peggy Fletcher Teresa Coles McGee
Sam Fletcher Andrew Kneeshaw
Miss Merton Janice Wingrove
Sarah Fulton Sophie Wynne
Pamela Fulton Hazel Blenkinsop
Inspector Frost Huw Williams
Rob Narruitt Steven Jarred
Sir Charles Cresswell John Staton


Producer Cath Staton
Assistant Producer Sam Kneeshaw
Stage Manager Jim Suther
Set Design Chris Sutton & Jim Melville
Lighting Jim Ward/Jim Suther
Sound Fay Staton/Rebecca Warner
Set Construction Jim Melville, Chris Sutton, Christine Sutton, Joseph Hughes, Jim Suther and members of the group
Props Janice Wingrove
Costumes Ann Ward
Prompt Sam Kneeshaw
Hair & Make-up Jan Denning
Front of House Manager Christine Sutton
Front of House/Kitchen/Bar Group members and friends of Cubbington Players
Tickets/Publicity Sam Kneeshaw/Chris Pearson/Tim Hurrell
Poster & Programme Design Teresa Coles McGee


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