Don’t Blame It On The Boots (Archive)

A5 Don't Blame It.indd

by Nick Warburton

May 2016

With only days to go, rehearsals for “Hamlet” are not going well. This is partly down to Eric’s relaxed attitude to them. He plays the ghost of Hamlet’s father, but can’t see why he has to wear the boots of a former famous actor. He is also a bit of a lecher, not disguising his designs on the innocent young actor playing Ophelia, much to the disgust of his fiancée. This sets the scene for a hilarious comedy, with a surprising outcome.


Eric Barnaby Smith
Liz Rebecca Warmer
Kate Chris Squire
Ophelia Jasmine Gillet


Director Brenda West
Props Jill Bingham, Sam O’Hagan
Costume Brenda West
Lighting Ian Squire
Prompt Brenda West
Sound Kathy Deeth
Assisted by members of Cubbington Players