Farndale Macbeth (Archive)

farndale-macbeth-posterA comedy by David McGillivray and Walter Zerlin Jr.

October 2013

It’s a big night for the Farndale Townswomen’s Guild. They are entered into their regional drama festival at Welwyn Garden City and adjudicator George Peach has a front row seat.

But even after nine months of rehearsing, it soon becomes obvious that the ladies’ aspirations are far beyond their acting ability. From the very beginning anything that can go wrong, does go wrong.

The set is back to front, a substitute needs to be found for Lady Macbeth who has got lost, an already injured third witch sustains more injuries and, when Dawn loses her glasses, woe betide anyone who gets in her way as she wanders about stabbing anything she happens to encounter. More mayhem ensues and as if this wasn’t enough, Peach announces that they have only 10 minutes left in which to finish the final Act or be disqualified.

Can the ladies do it? Find out as the story unfolds in this uproarious, comedy that will keep you laughing from start to finish.


Mrs Reece (playing Lady Macduff; Doctor) Chris Squire
Gwynneth (playing the piano) Jenny Smith
Henry (playing Lady Macbeth; 8 Kings) Steven Jarrad
George Peach (the adjudicator) Barry West
Thelma (playing Macbeth; Ross) Hazel Blenkinsop
Minnie (playing Banquo; Lady Macduff’s Son) Janice Wingrove
Plummer (the producer) Sam Kneeshaw
Dawn (playing 1st Witch; Porter; 2nd Murderer; Duncan; Fleance) Teresa Coles McGee
Felicity (playing 2nd Witch; Seyton; 1st Murderer; Malcolm; Gentlewoman) Rebecca Warner
Kate (playing 3rd Witch; Macduff; Messenger) Hannah Fordham


Producers Joseph Hughes and Brenda West
Stage Manager Jill Bingham
Set Design Christopher Sutton
Lighting Ian Squire and Ashley Hogg
Sound Andrew Kneeshaw
Props Christine Sutton
Prompt Brenda West
Front of House Manager Cath Staton
Set Construction Group Members
Poster, Leaflets and Programme Teresa Coles McGee
Publicity and Tickets Sam Kneeshaw, Christine Sutton & Barry West
Front of House, Backstage and Kitchen members and friends of Cubbington Players.