Gaslight (Archive)

A4_Posterby Patrick Hamilton

May 2006

Written in 1938, Gaslight is one of the best known and loved of all classic thrillers. Ingrid Bergman won an Oscar for her role as Mrs Manningham in the film version, and the play has retained its power to enthral and grip audiences to this day.

The scene is set in a London suburban house in about 1880. Victorian wives were subject to their husbands in almost every way, and Mrs Manningham is therefore completely at the mercy of a powerful and ruthless man who will go to any lengths to achieve his goal. The drama unfolds through the three acts as his motivation becomes clear. But can Mrs Manningham escape his grip?


Mr Manningham Dan Hawkins
Mrs Manningham Hazel Blenkinsop
Inspector Rough Paul West
Elizabeth Brenda West
Nancy Sam Jones


Producer Hayley Cooper
Co-producer Barry West
Stage Manager Joseph Hughes
Set Design Teresa Cole McGee
Sound Chris Pearson
Lighting Ian Squire
Props Cath Staton
Prompt Chris Squire
Poster & Programme Design Teresa Coles McGee
House Manager Cath Staton
Tickets/Publicity Barry West