Little Bo Peep and the Chimney Sweep (Archive)

A Pantomime by Cath Staton, Dan Hawkins and Brenda West

January 2002

Little Bo Peep and her friend the Chimney Sweep are awoken after being petrified for five years by the Man in the Moon. They have to save the day after the evil goblin, Emanem, steals the golden fleeces of Bo Peep’s sheep. Meanwhile, nasty Baron EM Bezzle tries to evict Dame Boadicea Peapodsworth and throw her onto the streets.


Miss Boadicea Peapodsworth Sarah Lawes
Marmaduke Swigtipple Terry Clark
Baron E.M. Bezzle Joseph Hughes
Dame Cherie Swigtipple Phil Kohler
Les Miserables Christine Squire
Man in the Moon John Staton
Santa’s Little Helper Ken Beer
Rotten Rupert Jason Pole
Emanem Mike Crawshaw
Kevin Ruth West
Perry Ruth Bishop
Tibia Iain MacPherson
Fibula Jim Staton


Producer Cath Staton
Co-producer Dan Hawkins
Stage Manager Brenda West
Set Design Teresa Coles Mcgee
Set Construction Jim Melville, Chris & Christine Sutton, Ian Squire, Maria Garcia, Gordon Stokes, Teresa Coles Mcgee
Sound Chris Pearson
Lighting Ian Squire and Maria Garcia
Props Christine Sutton
Prompt Hazel Galvin
Mrs Piano Lady Jenny Smith
Front of House Barry West
Refreshments Barry West
Ticket Sales Ken Beer & Hazel Galvin
Publicity Joseph Hughes