Little Miss Muffet (Archive)

January 1978

Evil Duke Desmond wants the Kingdom of Happigoluckia for himself. With the help of the Black Queen he plans to do away with the King and his family, starting with Little Miss Muffet. The Duke lures them to his hide out. Will our hero be in time to save them?


Announcer Martin Green
Duke Desmond Colin Colgan
Doodle Flip & Tom Tom Brenda West
Madeline Sally Atkinson
Mrs Hardcrust Dorothy Colgan
Fairy Queen Heather Lucas
Mrs Ippy Tom Atkinson
Spider Matilda Green
A Youth & The Ghost Anthony Harley
Black Queen Bobbie Harris
King William Barry West
Countess Lobelia Hazel Galvin
Dorien John Staton
Mayoress Ann O’Hagan
Miss Muffet Harriet Green
Duchess Chris Crisswell
Horse Amanda Green, Alison Goody
A Girl Linda Harley


Producer Don Sykes
Stage Manager Mike Crisswell