Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime (Archive)

by Constance Cox
Based on a short story by Oscar Wilde

May 2003

Lord Arthur Savile has it all. He is rich, well educated and, in his fiancée Sybil, has found the perfect match.
However, his future mother-in-law has her doubts about Lord Arthur. To satisfy herself as to Lord Arthur’s future conduct, she insists that he submit himself to the dubious talents of Mr Podgers, renowned cheiromantist.
When Mr Podgers informs Lord Arthur that he will commit a murder at some point in the future, Arthur comes to the natural conclusion that the only reasonable course of action is to get it out of the way before his impending marriage.
With the assistance of Baines, his faithful butler, he concentrates all of his intellect on a swift and publicity free conclusion…


Baines Paul West
Lord Arthur Savile Dan Hawkins
Sybil Merton Sarah Lawes
The Dean of Paddington Barry West
Lady Windermere Hazel Blenkinsop
Lady Clementina Beauchamp Hazel Galvin
Lady Julia Merton Chris Ward
Mr Podgers Iain MacPherson
Nellie Victora Perris
Herr Winkelkopf Mike Crawshaw


Producers Phil Kohler and Guy Bishop
Stage Manager Jim Melville
Set Design Teresa Coles McGee
Set Construction Backstage Team
Lighting Gordon Stokes & Ian Squire
Sound Chris Pearson & Karen Johnston
Props Alison Clarke & Brenda West
Costumes Cath Staton
Make-up Cath Staton & Brenda West
Prompt Ruth Bishop
Publicity Joseph Hughes
Literature Design Teresa Coles McGee
Ticket Sales Ken Beer
Front of House Manager Christine Squire
Front of House/Kitchen Members & Associate Members