Macbeth (Archive)

by William Shakespeare

October 2003


Macbeth Iain MacPherson
Lady Macbeth Hazel Blenkinsop
First Witch Ruth Bishop
Second Witch Sarah Lawes
Third Witch Ruth West
Hecate Chris Squire
Duncan, King of Scotland Barry West
Malcom Olly Hogben
Donalbain Terry Clark
Lennox Paul West
Ross Mike Crawshaw
A Sergeant in Duncan’s Army Mark Frampton
Banquo John Staton
Angus Joseph Hughes
Servant Teresa Coles-McGee
Fleance James Hinchin
Porter at Macbeth’s Door Mark Frampton
Macduff Dan Hawkins
Old Man Mark Frampton
First Murderer Barry West
Second Murderer Joseph Hughes
Third Murderer Mark Frampton
Gentlewoman Alison Rayner
Menteith Mark Frampton
Lady Macduff Teresa Coles-McGee
Lady Macduff’s Son Jaes Hinchin
Messenger John Staton
Doctor Barry West
Seyton Terry Clark
Siward Joseph Hughes
Young Siward Terry Clark


Producer Cath Staton
Co-producer Brenda West
Stage Manager Christine Sutton
Set Design Christopher Sutton
Set Construction Members of the Group
Lighting Ian Squire/ Rebecca Robertshaw
Sound Christine Pearson
Properties Victoria Perris
Prompt Hazel Galvin
Costumes Manager Chris Ward
Make-up Fiona MacPherson
Song Arrangements Olly Hogben
Poster/Flyer Designs Teresa Coles-McGee
Publicity Joseph Hughes
Tickets Ken Beer
Front of House/Kitchen Members of the Group
Costumes by Carousel of Leamington Spa


The Leamington Courier:

It’s Surprisingly Good

For a group who bungled their way through The Gingerbread Man, surely Macbeth would be a bridge too far for the Cubbington Players.

Fearing the worst, I sat down as far as politely possible from the stage. But after the opening scene I wish I’d taken a front row seat.

First and foremost, this was as visually spectacular as you can hope for from a village hall production. The lighting did everything to create the haunted atmosphere, especially when the witches make their potion. Light shines up from the cauldron to reveal the array of horrid, dusty ingredients being sprinkled into the mix.

The music was also impressive and the fact the surround sound was marred by one of two rear speakers not working can be put down to a first-night glitch.

These special effects helped the cast punch above their weight and a series of versatile roles by Mark Frampton was particularly notable. His cameo as the porter at Macbeth’s door was possibly his finest moment and had the audience in stitches,

Thankfully, Macbeth (Iain MacPherson) was also more than competent. The torment and anger in his eyes during his soliloquies was so convincing they made me want to look away – but this time for all the right reasons. 7/10