Puss In Boots (Archive)

January 2020


Sydney Alexandra Fragkakou
Wilfred Ollie Smith
Tom Adam Sky Walker
Dame Molly Coddle Rebecca Warner
King Sauerkraut Barnaby Smith
Queen Monalott Kal Middleton
Princess Crystal Georgie Dark
Fanshawe Cath Staton
Tarantula Adam Middleton
Good Fairy/Little Old Lady Chris Squire
Puss Abbie Croker
Boris the Ogre Chris Austen
Prince 2 Olivia Trzupek
Jester/Prince 1 David Jones
Villagers Chris Austen, David Jones, Olivia Trzupek and Niyah Dankaro Tarantula’s spiders Taran Middleton, Jeevan Middleton and Alfie Claude Gerrard-Purse


Producer Jayde Dankaro
Stage Manager Teresa Coles McGee
Prompt Brenda West
Lighting Ian Squire
Sound Joshua Dankaro
Props Jayde Dankaro and Brenda West
Set Design Teresa Coles McGee, Ian Squire, Christine Sutton and members, friends and cast of Cubbington Players
Set Construction Ian Squire, Christine Sutton, Chris Sutton, Alan Beddow, Abbie Croker, Adam Middleton, Rebecca Warner, Teresa Coles McGee, Jayde Dankaro and members, friends and cast of Cubbington Players
Costume Cath Staton, Brenda West, Nicola Brooks, Janet Cooper and Sheila Sager
Makeup Cast members
Front of House/Kitchen Kathy Deeth and Lesley Cashmore
Tickets Chris Pearson
Programme/posters Teresa Coles McGee