The Anniversary (Archive)

by Bill MacIlraith

October 2001

A family comes together to celebrate their Mum’s wedding anniversary in this black comedy. The central character is an ageing mother, who since her husband died has carried on his building business with great success.

But unable to enjoy the nice things in life, she uses her charm to destroy everything that is good and kind.

She keeps a tight hold on her three sons by plying them with gifts and exploiting their weaknesses.

And when the family is brought unwillingly together to celebrate the anniversary, revolt is in the air…


Tom Jason Pole
Shirley Ruth West
Henry Mike Crawshaw
Terry Paul West
Karen Ruth Bishop
Mum Chris Squire


Producer Phil Kohler
Co-producer Guy Bishop
Stage Manager Hazel Blenkinsop
Set Design Jim Melville
Set Construction Jim Melville, Chris & Christine Sutton, Ian Squire, Hazel Blenkinsop, Joseph Hughes, Maria Garcia & Gordon Stokes
Sound Chris Pearson
Lighting Maria Garcia
Props Dan Hawkins
Prompt Sarah Lawes
Costumes Cath Staton & Brenda West
Front of House Phil Kohler
Refreshments Phil Kohler
Ticket Sales Ken Beer
Publicity Joseph Hughes