The Cure For Love (Archive)

by Walter Greenwood

March 1980

In “The Cure For Love”, Jack, the hero, has joined up to “do his bit” – or is it really to get away from a mother who rules him with a rod of iron, and even more from the scheming Janey Jenkins, who has lured him into an engagement? Now he’s coming home a hero, and a very different man from the boy who went away…


Milly Southern Sally Atkinson
Mrs Jenkins Hazel Galvin
Janey Jenkins Cath Staton
Sarah Hardacre Chris Ward
Charlie Fox Barry West
Ted Munter David Dawson
Jack Hardacre Tony O’Hagan
Harry Lancaster John Staton
Barmaid Chris Crisswell
Mrs Dorbell Bobbie Harris
Joe Truman Tom Atkinson


Producer Brenda West
Stage Manager Don Sykes
Assistant Stage Manager Ian Squire
Lighting Mike Crisswell
Sound Chris Lawes
Properties Joy Trinder
Prompt Chris Squire
Front of House Frieda Scott