The Gingerbread Man (Archive)

A Pantomime by Mark Frampton

January 2003

Dame Pat Isserie plans to make the biggest gingerbread man in the world in order to get in the Guinness Book of Records. However, evil thief Count Klepto, pursued by Sheerluck Holmes and Doctor Whats-up, has hidden some stolen magical gems in the gingerbread dough.

When the magic of the gems brings the giant gingerbread man to life, a frantic chase ensues…


Dame Pat Isserie Barry West
Simple Simon Ruth West
Sheerluck Holmes John Staton
Doctor Whats-up Ruth Bishop
Count Klepto Phil Kohler
Katty Zitty Jones Alison Rayner
Wincey, the Wild Woman Brenda West
Maureen the Mummy Cath Staton
Gordon the Ghost Joseph Hughes
Hansel Mike Crawshaw
Gretal Victoria Perris
The Milk Sheik Ken Beer


Producers Teresa Coles McGee & Paul West
Stage Manager Teresa Coles McGee & Guy Bishop
Set Design Teresa Coles McGee
Set Construction Chris & Christine Sutton, Jim Melville, Chris & Ian Squire, Gordon Stokes
Sound Chris Pearson
Lighting Gordon Stokes
Props Karen Johnston
Prompt Hazel Galvin
Make-up/Costumes Brenda West
Mrs Piano Lady Jenny Smith
Ticket Sales Ken Beer
Publicity Joseph Hughes
Front of House Mike Calvert