The Rape of the Belt (Archive)

A comedy by Benn W. Levy

April 1976

It is a well known fact that the Amazons were a ferocious bunch of women that made the bravest of men tremble with fear, and it is no coincidence that Heracles took more than his friend Theseus for company when he went to make war with them – namely the god Zeus. It would seem that the Amazon queens, Hippolyte and Antiope, were also in need of a sponsor, in the form of the Goddess Hera, when it came to dealing with our heroes.

This is the story of unequal rights as practised by the Greeks (men) and the Amazons (women) and through the centuries nothing much has changed. Men think themselves superior, and the women (bless ’em) in their wisdom, let them think so.

This play written by Benn W. Levy was first produced in 1957 and is a light-hearted look at life through the ages. The motives of man and the guiles of woman will never change.


Hera Hazel Galvin
Zeus Barry West
Hippobomene Brenda West
Theseus Martin Green
Heracles Guy Bartlett
Antiope Heather Lucas
Diasta Cathie Calvert
Hippolyte Carol Townend
Thalestris Bobby Harris


Producer George Howell
Stage Manager Mike Crisswell
Set Design/Construction/Decor/Lighting/Sound Don Sykes, Bruce Draper, Linda Harley, Mick Calvert, Anthony Harley, Martin Seaton
Wardrobe Dorothy Colgan
Properties Chris Crisswell
Prompt Tom Atkinson