There Goes The Bride (Archive)

by Ray Cooney and John Chapman

May 1986


Ursula Westerby Madeline Walley
Judy Westerby Sue Howe
Dr. Gerald Drimmond Martin Green
Bill Shorter Paul Morcam
Timothy Westerby Barry West
Daphne Drimmond Hazel Galvin
Polly Perkins Joan Hall
Charles Babcock David Allison


Producer Jenny Blake
Stage Manager Christine Sutton
Lighting Brenda West
Front of House Chris Crisswell
Properties Jill Mowlam, Anne Harding, Marion Weclawek
Prompt Kathleen Allen
Sound Chris Lawes, Chris Ward
Choreography Madeline Walley
Set Design Mike Calvert
Set Construction Nigel Roach, Simon Beasley, Chris Sutton, Mike Calvert, David Allison, Christine Sutton