Time And Time Again (Archive)

by Alan Ayckbourn

April 1981

Alan Ayckbourn has the proven ability of being one of today’s most successful playwrights. From everyday situations he is able to exploit the humorous aspect to the full, at times inducing convulsive laughter, however, the afterthought reveals the more serious intention. So it is with Time and Time Again, whereby the introduction of an attractive girl subjects the other characters to various emotional and physical stress. Confusion reigns leading to a totally unexpected ending.


Graham Barry West
Anna Chris Ward
Leonard Tony O’Hagan
Joan Cath Staton
Peter John Wright


Producer Don Sykes
Stage Manager Mike Crisswell
Set Design Pat Keefe
Lighting Mike Crisswell, Ian Squire
Sound Chris Lawes
House Managers Colin and Dorothy Colgan
Prompt Kathleen Allen
Props Mary Brocklehurst
Tickets Chris Crisswell, Joy Trinder
Posters Mike Calvert, Freda Scott
Set Construction Mike Crisswell, Pat Keefe, Nigel Roach, Ian Squire, David Allison, Annie Phillps