When We Are Married (Archive)

by JB Priestley

October 1997

The classic JB Priestley comedy. Set in the early 20th century, a set of long-married couples discover that due to a bureaucratic quirk they have never actually been married.


Ruby Birtle Ruth West
Gerald Forbes Dan Hawkins
Mrs Northrop Hazel Galvin
Nancy Holmes Ruth Staton
Fred Dyson Mike Crawshaw
Henry Ormonroyd John Staton
Alderman Joseph Helliwell Joseph Hughes
Maria Helliwell Hazel Blenkinsop
Councillor Albert Parker Barry West
Herbert Soppitt Graham Kerr
Clara Soppitt Brenda West
Annie Parker Chris Squire
Lottie Grady Cath Staton
Rev. Clement Mercer Guy Bishop


Producers Joseph Hughes, Graham Kerr, Cath Staton
Stage Manager Jo Wylderidge
Set Design George Muller
Set Construction Members of the Group
Props Paul West/Lisa Donelan
Lighting Ian Squire
Sound Chris Pearson
Prompt Pauline Townsend
Promotion Joseph Hughes
Poster Design Jo Wylderidge
Ticket Sales Ken Beer
Front of House Jenny Blake & co.
Kitchen Christine Sutton & co.