Look Who’s Talking (Archive)

by Derek Benfield

October 2002

Sheila and Andrew seem to be a loving and devoted middle-aged couple until an unexpected visit from Carole and Brian throws their entire relationship into question.
A series of humorous misunderstandings and mistaken identities follows as the couples try to hide their possible infidelities through a string of lies.
And the late arrival of Sheila and Andrew’s invited guest Jane simply adds to the confusion.


Sheila Cath Staton
Brian Joseph Hughes
Andrew Barry West
Carole Sarah Lawes
Jane Chris Squire


Producer Brenda West
Co-Producer Hazel Galvin
Stage Manager Mike Crawshaw
Set Design Christopher Sutton, Jim Melville, Christine & Chris Sutton
Set Construction Hazel Blenkinsop, Jim Melville, Ian Squire, Mike Crawshaw, Gordon Stokes
Lighting Gordon Stokes & Ian Squire
Sound Karen Johnson & Chris Pearson
Props Terry Clark
Prompt Ruth Bishop
House Manager Hazel Blenkinsop
Publicity Joseph Hughes
Ticket Sales Ken Beer