Something To Hide

Garden Party Posterby Leslie Sands

May 2019

Something To Hide is a three-act thriller set in the late 1950s. An author’s wife accidentally runs over his mistress and together they conspire to dispose of the body. What follows is a plot of lies, double-crossing and twists. Can Inspector Davies see through the layers of circumstantial evidence or will they get away with it?


Howard Holt Barnaby Smith
Julie Grant Rebecca Warner
Karen Holt Jayde Dankaro
Inspector Davies Ian Warenner
Will Purdie Barry West
Stella Abbie Croker
Miss Cunningham Brenda West


Director Cath Staton
Assistant Director Ian Warrener
Stage Manager Chris Squire
Prompt Chris Squire
Lighting Ian Squire
Sound Adam Middleton
Properties Kathy Deeth
Costume Brenda West, Cath Staton
Set Design Teresa Coles McGee
Set Construction Ian Squire, Christine Sutton, Christopher Sutton, Tony O’Hagan, Adam Middleton
Make-up Cast and members of the group
Front of House/Kitchen Members and friends of Cubbington Players
Publicity/Tickets Chris Pearson/Christine Sutton
Programme/Posters Teresa Coles McGee

Cast Photo