Temptation Thwarted (Archive)

Garden Party PosterOctober 2019

A short melodrama presented in radio form. It all goes wrong in this radio play, with cast members being replaced at the last minute by unsuitable substitutes, profoundly miscast actors, all the wrong sound cues and a director steadily getting more drunk as she realises her dream of making it to national radio is falling apart.

Small village amateur dramatics at its best

Charles Essex, Leamington Courier

Produced by Cath Staton

Lady Lucre Barnaby Smith
Arabella Lucre Christine Squire
Clarence Georgie Dark
Fanny Alexandra Fragkakou
Sir Jasper Breakneck Adam Middleton
Director Rebecca Warner
Sound Alan Beddow
Lighting Ian Squire
Audience Participation Abbie Croker